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Health Benefits

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Strengthens our immune system.
Improves lung functions, kidneys and digestive tract.
Restores our skin complexion while maintaining moisture.
Here at Sing Yan, we source our bird's nest locally, clean by-hand and delicately packaged โ€“ adhering to the premium standards as expected by our discerning clientele. Harvested bird's nest are 100% natural, analysed, tested in lab and certified to be safe for consumption.

0% Preservatives | 0% stabilizers | 0% Additives

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Choose from 9 natural superfoods and sugar levels that suits your palate. Find out more on their health benefits below:
  • Highly consist of Vitamin C.
  • Aids on high blood pressure.
  • Treats respiratory and systemic infections.
A la Rose
  • Stress reliever.

  • Rich in Anti-oxidant.
  • Contains Antidepressant.

  • Improves digestion.
  • Could reduce nausea and vomiting.
  • Aids on muscle and joint pains.
Manuka Honey
  • Aids on immune development (Anti-Bacterial).
  • Increases Glycogen level in our bodies to promote better sleep.
Chia Seeds
  • Rich in Fibre.
  • Consist calcium for better bone development.
  • Provides natural energy.
Natural Detox
  • Promotes body detoxification.
  • Reduces high blood pressure level from stress.
  • Increases our appetite level.
Wild Ginseng
  • Boost our immune system.
  • Helps fight fatigue.
  • Treats erectile dysfunction.
  • Help lowers blood sugar level.
Rock Sugar
  • Promotes natural energy.
  • Relieves from coughs and sore throat.
Aloe Vera
  • Rejuvenates the skin.
  • Accelerates wound healing.
  • Helps in constipation.
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Do I have a delivery fee?

No. All subscribers enjoy free deliveries during their subscription period.

Can you package your subscription plans as a gift?

Yes, we have served our products as gift for many celebratory occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, pregnancies, get well soons, weddings, surprises and more.

“Bird’s nest is my magic skin food. It has beautifying benefits that enhance the skin complexion while boosting our immune system. They have many flavors to choose from and you may ask for less sweet ones too. Excellent service by Sing Yan!”

- Zoe Raymond Tan

” A nourishing diet during pregnancy is the first gift a mom can give to her developing baby . Bird’s nest is rich in amino acids , antioxidants, collagen and minerals that benefit both pregnant mom and baby. “

Sharon -

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